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Textes en performance
Colloque international
Genève, 27-29 novembre 2003

Simon Biggs, Sheffield Hallam University (Angleterre)

The performance will consist of a piece where the computer writes a sentence automatically on a large projection screen. The sentence is endless... the computer simply adds words to the sentence endlessly ensuring that the sentence remains more or less grammatically correct. The application of redundancy algorithms means that a sense of a pattern of meaning can be seen to emerge, although this is entirely illusory. At first the sentence is quite short and the typography very large so that the text fills the screen. As the sentence gets longer it gets too big to fit the screen so it automatically downsizes the pointsize of the font, ensuring all text remains visible. This happens pretty quickly to begin with but slows down the longer it goes on. In the process it becomes unreadable and entirely illegible. It has become an abstract picture consisting of binary dots and spaces, an example of digital convergence.